2015 Bridal Bouquets

Besides the ultimate wedding dress, the most beautiful accessory for a bride on her wedding day has to be the bouquet. Wedding bouquets can be unique, fragrant, and meaningful.  The latest trend for bridal bouquets this year feature blooms and foliage galore!

Floral arrangements have become larger, wilder, and trailing styles are becoming the new favourite.  Do you remember seeing hefty waterfalls of greenery dangling in front of the blushing bride, Princess Diana, in the 1980s?


To Have And To Hold

Fortunately, those bold and brassy bouquets have been reinvented into a more modern, natural, lighter design as the trailing effect is now created with delicate foliage, such as eucalyptus or ivy.  Waterfall bouquets (as they’re also known) are a versatile floral feature that simply demand attention.  They add colour, texture and a sense of occasion to your desired wedding day theme, and look the most organic in an outdoor setting.

Cascading bouquets compliment any wedding dress.  While it’s important to pick a floral arrangement that suits your personal preference, you don’t want to be over-shadowed by your bouquet!  We’ve put together a few key points that you should take into consideration when selecting the perfect design:

• The fussier the gown, the slimmer and more understated the bouquet as this could cause a clash in texture – this goes for all type of bouquets.

• Think about proportions: A narrow trailing bouquet will suit a slim body frame, a simple sleek dress, or one with a long train as the it will balance out the weight.  A curvier body frame will be able to pull off a bold, statement bouquet.

• To keep your bouquet as light as possible (and the cost down), fill it with thin-stemmed grass and foliage to create the shower, and use large-headed flowers – garden roses, euphorbia, peonies and hydrangeas – sparingly for maximum visual impact.

Inspiring Floral Designs


If you’re planning your wedding day and are looking for stunning, unique floral designs to add colour and elegance to your wedding, our florist Silvia would be delighted to help! She will provide you with her expertise in floristry, and consult with you to help design and create your perfect wedding flowers, from blooming room, cake and table decorations, to buttonholes, corsages and the bridal bouquet. Read more about Delicate Daisy’s Wedding Services here.