The Secret Language of Flowers

The Secret Language of Flowers



The science behind the decoding of flowers is known as Floriography.  The secret meanings attributed to flowers have accumulated over thousands of years, meaning they often vary depending on cultures and civilizations.

Popular interest in floriography escalated in Victorian England during the 19th century when gifts of floral arrangements were sent as a coded message, allowing the sender to express feelings which could not be spoken in Victorian society. A huge array of sentiments could be expressed in the simplest of bouquets – purple hyacinths showed begging for forgiveness, narcissi meant affection was returned, and cyclamen stood for goodbye.


That’s kind of interesting, but so what?

Well, did you know it’s a tradition that’s making a comeback, all thanks to one Kate Middleton!

Kate designed her wedding bouquet based on the secret meanings behind the flowers. Lily of the Valley signifies a return to happiness and Sweet Williams were a tribute to her groom. The national flowers of the United Kingdom – roses for England, daffodils for Wales, thistles for Scotland and shamrocks for Northern Ireland – were incorporated into the lace detailing of her dress.

We believe this is a beautiful little flourish to incorporate into your wedding. What could be more perfect on your special day than this secret communication between you and you partner.

Here as list of some of our favorite wedding flowers and their meanings:







Express fascination and devoted love







Expresses kind regard, sunshine and respect

Forget Me Nots





Mean true love and memories







Symbolises sensuality and grace






Symbolise majesty, honour and purity of heart







Represents innocence and being pure of heart






Represent happy marriage and compassion

Oriental Lilies







Express beauty, refreshment and thoughtfulness

Red Roses






The epitome of romance; express ‘I Love You’, respect and beauty


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