A Guide To Funeral Flowers

A Guide To Funeral Flowers

At some point in your lifetime you will have to make the important decision of choosing the right flowers for loved ones once they have passed. This is often determined by the relationship you had with your recently deceased.

Flowers are often referred to as a second language, symbolising a range of different emotions or meanings. Although distressing at the time, your choice of flowers can also be an aid in the bereavement process, thus making it personal between you, the deceased and the family, offering not only your condolences but your appreciation for the life the deceased lead showing a mark of respect and comfort.

Funeral floral arrangements date back to ancient times, when the deceased were anointed with fragrant flowers and herbs, and have continued to be an integral part of the funeral service since.

There are many floral designs and arrangements that our Essex florist Silvia can help you with, from casket decorations to burial flowers. Whether you need help with choosing floral themes or colour schemes (we understand it’s not an easy task), or require a local florist to produce beautiful flowers in memory of a loved one, Silvia has expertise in personalised floristry. Call on 01268 947 040.

Choosing the right Flowers for Funerals and Tributes

funeral-wreath-essexFuneral Wreaths

Funeral Wreaths are popular burial arrangements, classically circular in shape and stand for ‘eternal life’.

A popular flower used in wreaths is Carnations as they have a long life and come in many colours that represent different meanings. Light pink Carnations in particular are common as they represent remembrance.

Lilies are also popular amongst funeral flowers as they symbolise sympathy and innocence of the deceased.



funeral-posie-essexPosies and Baskets

Posies and Baskets make elegant tribute gifts to a bereaved family. Funeral Posies are circular in shape, and contain a mix of flowers and foliage.

The flowers used in floral Posies are entirely down to personal choice, however guidance on the right colours and message can be provided by our Essex florist.

They really do look perfect from every angle!



funeral-spray-essexFuneral Sprays

Funeral Sprays express sympathy, and can come in two designs; single ended sprays and double ended sprays (sometimes referred to as Casket sprays).

Casket Sprays are used as coffin and casket decoration, and are commonly chosen by the bereaving family when making funeral arrangements. Smaller Standing Sprays however can be used as Tribute.



funeral-cross-essexFuneral Crosses

Funeral Crosses represent an extremely personal sentiment from immediate family or close friends.

A sympathy cross may also be chosen by a religious group, representing faith.




funeral-letters-essexLetter Tributes

Finally we’ve come to Funeral Letters, often chosen as a centrepiece Tribute for a lost loved one. Lettering usually represents names and nicknames, dedicated to a particular family member.

Funeral letter tributes are extremely personalised, and is definitely a floral arrangement that should be considered carefully. We can help you with just that.




Handmade floral designs by your local Essex Florist

Looking for a personalised funeral flower service? Contact Silvia at Delicate Daisy to discuss your requirements.