Sending Funeral Flowers

Sending Funeral Flowers

The main purpose of flowers at funerals is to celebrate life but can symbolise many different emotions such as love, sympathy, eternity and immortality. They’ve always played an important part at funerals as their beautiful comforting qualities, remain one of the most graceful ways to express our support when we can’t find the words to.

You can choose from a large range including heart arrangements, wreaths, funeral letters and even custom funeral flower arrangements that have been made to order. Custom funeral flower arrangements are special flower designs that capture your loved ones personality or highlights something they were known and also loved for.

Traditional Funeral Flower Arrangements

white-lily-wreathIt can be hard to know which funeral flowers to choose so here are a few pointers to consider when you’re choosing your flowers. These are commonly used arrangements:
Wreaths – Circular floral arrangements that represent eternal life.

Floral arrangements – Any type of floral arrangement, from cut flowers to basket and container arrangements.

Sprays – These flower arrangements allow viewing from one side only.

Casket sprays – These are usually organised by direct family members and sit on top of the casket.

Inside pieces – Items that are placed inside the casket (such as small floral sprays).

Wiki-how has created three simple steps that will help you decide on arrangements to use and things to consider when buying flowers for a funeral – visit the page.You can also arrange for flowers to be sent to the funeral home, adding decoration, beauty, fragrance and life to the somber event. A bouquet and smaller, bucket arrangement delivery’s would be ideal for these situations. There are no particular types of flowers or colours that should be sent to the homes of the bereaved, however, choosing a favorite colour or flower of the deceased would be very comforting for the family.

Tip: Always include a handwritten note. Whether the floral arrangement is formal or informal, including a handwritten note can help lift the spirit of the family members of the deceased. Kept brief and heartfelt, the words in the message will make the arrangement even more meaningful.

If you are looking for funeral flowers after a recent loss contact me to find out how I can help. I can also rearrange the funeral flowers after the event into a new flower arrangement or smaller arrangements if you choose to take them home.

If you are looking to send sympathy flowers, you can browse my arrangements or contact me for advice. I deliver all over Essex, including Wickford and Basildon. Please make sure you view my delivery areas to ensure home delivery!