The Birth Flower of April

The Birth Flower of April

There are various sources which have differing opinions on what the birth flower of April is, but the most popular choices are Daisies or Peonies, so we’ll go with these!


The Latin name for the daisy is Bellis Perennis, “Bellis” meaning pretty and “Perennis” meaning everlasting. The name “Daisy” come from the corruption of the name “day’s eye” because the whole head of the flower closes at night and opens in the morning. Daisies symbolise love, youth, purity and innocence. They make excellent birthday flower arrangements because of their simple, long-lasting beauty. Did you know it is also Queen Victoria’s favourite flower?

Daisies were discovered in South Africa by Scotsman Richard Jameson but their have been stone carvings featuring daisies that go back to 3000BC. Flower arrangements containing daisies can be kept looking healthy and fresh by deadheadding the ones with drooping ray petals.

The peony is historically significant in China where it is used symbolically in traditional artwork. In 1903 the Peony was declared the national flower of China, and was reselected in 1994 through a nationwide poll, although this is still unofficial. The Chinese city of Luoyang has a reputation for its cultivation of peonies and continues to host dozens of peony exhibitions and shows annually. It is also the state flower of Indiana, USA.

The peony symbolises happy marriage and compassion, and in Chinese cultures represents riches and honour. A flower arrangement containing peony flowers doesn’t just make a wonderful birthday gift but is perfect for anniversaries too as it’s the anniversary flower of the twelfth wedding anniversary. And, to top it all off, looking after your flower arrangement is super easy because these are hardly fussy plants. They can thrive on zero care!

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