The Perfect Wedding Table Arrangements

The Perfect Wedding Table Arrangements

When preparing for the decoration of a client’s table, we love listening to their ideas and hearing the excitement in their voices as they give us all the ideas that they have when imagining the perfect day.

The first thing that is thought about is the desired colour and bloom. This gives us a real sense of what they expect their table to look like.

wedding-flower-table-arrangementsWe then take into account the linen. Nobody wants their lovely display set out directly on a table that has been hired out and used by many others. When choosing the linen for you take into account the strength of it, you don’t want it getting easily crumpled when everything is in position.

Lighting is highly important, this gives the room its atmosphere. With candles giving the room a light but calm feel. You want each guest to be able to see what they are doing whether it be eating or enjoying themselves on the dance floor. Another beautiful touch is pin spot lights they allow the centre pieces to stand out and catch each guests eye through their aesthetics.

A necessity when choosing your theme is repetition, having items that match shows the guests that you have thought about each individual element of the wedding. This gives a consistency to the room allowing the guest’s to develop a true understanding of what you hoped for when decorating the table. Having ivory roses in the centre of the table states the theme and then placing a single rose on each guest’s place setting shows the consistency and gives it a personal touch.

When choosing the flowers I believe using colours that stand out such as violet, fuchsia and deep reds. This portrays a powerful and romantic vibe which is essential with a wedding when creating your dream day that will be remembered for years to come.