August Birth Flower

August Birth Flower

gladioli-august-flower“Symbolises strength of character, faithfulness and honour. The Gladiolus flower signifies remembrance.”

This season is the perfect time for the Gladioli, the birth flower of August. The August flower is also known as the Sword Lily due to its sword shaped leaves and thick stems. In the warm weather and under full exposure of the sun, the Gladiolus flower thrives and blooms into a tall, attractive flower with vibrant, coloured petals.

The colour of Gladioli ranges from deep oranges, reds, and purples, to pastel yellows and pinks, and soft gradients of a mixture of colours – making them the perfect floral arrangement for celebratory occasions.

The August birth flower is commonly used in flower arrangements for remembrance and commemoration, offering heartfelt sympathy and symbolising strength during difficult times. However the flower comes in such beautiful rich colours that makes them perfect for celebration. Gladioli are popular wedding flowers that add elegance and colour to wedding bouquets and altars.

Did you know that the August birthday flower Gladiolus is also recognised as the 40th Anniversary flower? With a Gladiolus, you won’t need a card expressing your feelings due to it’s symbolic meaning. The birth flower is meant to pierce the heart of the recipient, conveying infatuation and faithfulness.

The colour of the flowers in floral bouquets also convey meaning; red typically conveys love or passion, yellow means friendship or happiness, and white clarity and purity. Flowers give you an opportunity to send sentiment toward someone special, the presents we choose to convey our feelings or message says a lot about us.  With flowers, you can’t go wrong.