Delicate Mothers Day Flowers

Mother’s Day is the best time to express your appreciation for the things your mum has done for you. Flowers are a perfect gift for any occasion, but if your mum (as many mums do) shows a compelling interest in flowers, then a hand tied bouquet or floral bucked is the perfect Mothers Day gift.

I strongly encourage making the whole day about her – since all her days have probabaly been about you… If you feel you haven’t shown as much attention to your beloved mum, now is the perfect chance to! Spoil her with a beautiful bouquet of her favourite flowers, in colours she adores. Or, if she prefers something smaller surprise her with a blossoming floral cupcake arrangement.

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What blooming beauties do I have for you to choose from? I’ve picked some of my favourite Mother’s Day flower arrangements:


Willow tree 

Surprise mum with an eye catching bouquet! Willow tree is a bright and vibrant bouquet that’s bound to make a statement. It contains stunning Topaz Roses, White Lilacs and Pink Lisianthus and is finished off with a classic Hessian bow.

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Beauty in Bloom

Stunning floral arrangement in bloom container. This enchanting beauty will make a wonderful Mother’s Day gift. It’s delicate colours complimenting each other faultlessly

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Vintage Love

A sophisticated floral bucket arrangement that appreciates a mature vintage style. Vintage Love comes presented in a cream bucket with silver wire for decoration, and contains vintage pink spray Roses

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Vintage Peach

Another gorgeous flower arrangement presented in a cream bucket, Vintage Peach is the perfect gift for an elegant and stylish lady.

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Love your mum? Tell her with flowers!

Caring for your flowers…

To make the most of your Mother’s Day flowers after the day itself, you will need to ensure they are cared for properly. Caring for your flowers is the best way to make them last their full lifespan. Flowers are not only the perfect sentiment for a loved one, they can instantly brighten a room, so to keep the colours of your flowers or bouquets and the foliage looking vibrant, you can follow the steps below.

These steps and precautions should be carried out daily for maximum impact!

Different types of flowers require different care instructions. For example, roses bloom best indoors and in partial sunlight. This is because they blossom more easily when they are away from high temperatures. You should begin by cutting the stems of each individual flower, on an angle, by an inch and a half to open up the stem.

The diagonal cut increases the amount of water that is absorbed by each flower. The better they can absorb the water, the longer the lifespan will be.

Also, remember to put the flower food provided in the vase before filling it with water. This mix is what truly extends the life of the flowers, providing them with the nutrients that they need to stay alive. Use no more than a pint of water!

Remember to change the water and the flower food if the water becomes cloudy. This means the food has been diluted.

The temperature of storage for the flowers is also important. If the conditions are too hot or too cold your flowers may suffer! Flowers should be kept at around room temperature, which is about 65 to 73 degrees Fahrenheit. This allows the flowers to grow and blossom at their natural rate.

The placement of the bouquet is very important too. If a bouquet is placed near anything that may change the temperature that the bouquet is receiving, it may do more harm than good. Even placing flowers too close to the television can cause a change in temperature!

Flowers are a wonderful addition to any home. If the proper steps are taken when caring for your flowers your beautiful bouquet will grace your home for a long time.